Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sex On The Beach (& Ships, Too)

Even though we can travel pretty much anywhere in the world and be our big ol’ gay selves, there’s something so much more enjoyable about vacationing with other gays. Entire ships and resorts full of LGBT folks exclusively, to be more specific.

While Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations have become synonymous with the all-gay travel experience, we recently learned about another company that offers its own take on the niche. Vacaya has four options already scheduled for 2019: the inaugural Provincetown cruise in Augustan all-inclusive Mexican resort takeover in late October, and two European cruises in December.

Cruises and resort stays start at $997 per person with super-deluxe upgrades aplenty, depending on how much you wish to shell out for your next trip.

But as lovers of all-gay vacationing, we can assure you that it’ll be worth every penny.




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