Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Potty Humor

We’ve all probably thought of names for our drag alter egos, but what about our take-a-drag personas? You know, for those times we toke up to get down.

Here are the ones we’ve narrowed down to for ourselves:

Sativie Nicks.

Him-ily Blunt.

Ruth Bader Ganjburg.

Or maybe we’ll gather some friends to form an epic girl group so we can use all the names we come up with before our gummie treat wears off.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, your next travel adventure in 2019 could be the perfect one for you and your buds. That’s because tickets went on sale this week for SPLIFF, a film festival made by the stoned for the stoned.

It shouldn’t surprise you that it comes from Dan Savage and the other deliciously twisted minds that brought you the amateur porn film fest, HUMP! (Hint: the 2019 tour kicks off at the end of this month!)

It’s the perfect excuse to visit Denver (April 13), Seattle (April 19-20), Portland (April 19-20) or San Francisco (May 3-4), all places (not coincidentally) where marijuana is legal for recreational use. All films selected will be no longer than 4:20 in length (of course) and will explore every fun and fascinating facet of the wide world of weed.

Better still, if you’re a creative type and wish to enter an effed-up film of your own, you still have time. Submissions will be accepted until March 1 with $11,000 in prize money up for grabs in categories including Trippiest ($2,000), Funniest ($2,000); Stupidest ($2,000) and Best in Show ($5,000).

Winning any category would provide more than enough funds to travel to any of the festival’s fine destinations.

With enough left over for a brownie or two.

SPLIFF Film Festival 2019
Deadline for Film Submissions: March 1

Festival Screenings:
Denver – April 13
Seattle & Portland – April 19-20
San Francisco – May 3-4

Photo courtesy of SPLIFF Film Festival