Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Custom Cruisers

We love to cruise—whether it’s stalking cute guys at Trader Joe’s or hitting the high seas with a gaggle of gays on a giant ship.

We do the former a few times a week, but we have to wait until March for the next Atlantis Events cruise on our itinerary. And anyone who’s ever been on one knows that includes multiple days of costumes and group T-shirts for you and your besties.

Thankfully, Swish Embassy has a fun and easy new way to personalize your onboard wardrobe with their new cruise collection. Choose from a variety of innuendo-laden graphic tees and tanks with the option to personalize with important information like your stateroom number (for anyone who may want to follow you back to your bunk).

Or so the security team can get you home safely after one too many Piña Coladas.

Swish Embassy Cruise Collection
From $29.95
Allow plenty of time for production and shipping

Photos courtesy of Swish Embassy