Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Five Miles Of Ribbon, 50 Pounds Of Glitter & A Secret Unicorn

Get ready to take your selfie game to the next level. Like “high score” level.

Interactive, Instagrammable art exhibits are all the rage right now and the latest installation near Fair Park has our name all over it: Rainbow Vomit. Partially because it reminds us of one fateful morning after consuming a bag of Skittles with a bottle of vodka, but also because the name sounds a little gay and a little raunchy all at once.

And we live for that combo.

Now through February 17, immerse yourself in a colorful, surreal world right out of a comic book. With 20 different photo opportunities during the one-hour experience, you’ll have profile pic fodder for weeks—or the makings of one epic Instagram story.

The alternate reality comes to life courtesy of 6000 LEDs, 100 pounds of cotton, 50 pounds of glitter, five miles of ribbon, and one secret unicorn. Rainbow Vomit is a feast for the senses that thrives on spontaneity—although you’re better off getting tickets in advance.

Because sometimes wild and unexpected adventures still require a little planning.

Rainbow Vomit
Tickets: $20 (weekdays); $25 (weekends)
3609 Parry Avenue, Dallas

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Vomit’s Instagram