Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bowls, Balls & Butts

I’m exhausted this week from prayer over these stories.  Let us reflect.

Bowls.  I don’t really care much for football, nor do I stay abreast of the ins and outs of this national pastime.  However, when egregious sin emerges from anywhere, I am always at hand to hear of it.  Such as it is with the National Football League.  Last weekend, two games were played to determine the final teams to play in the Super Bowl.  New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints.  (Obviously, I would support a chief saint over any other mascot, but I digress.)  In both games, there were referee calls of questionable validity which, ultimately, gave the victory to the Patriots and Rams.  Far be it from me to declare that professional sports are rigged but even I, upon replay review, saw with my own eyes the illicitness of the calls in question.  Fox News has already given the word “patriot” a negative connotation.  Brother Tom Brady seems to be continuing down that road, ensuring that we’ll all have Patriots Rammed down our throats on national TV soon.  Lord, help.

Balls.  Alas, I have to wade into waters uncharted in my ministry.  The Supreme Court voted recently to let the Trump administration begin implementing its transgender military ban.  Now, I’m not about to get into the Babatist argument against transgenderism.  I think it all boils down to this…..if someone is willing to serve this country and put their lives on the line for freedom, I really don’t care who you are as long as you are capable to serve.  I’ve seen far too many instances where a blithering idiot has been sent into the military unwillingly to try to bring discipline to an otherwise misdirected life.  Therefore, regardless of your birth certificate, your plumbing or your uniform, it takes balls to defend this country……….whether you had ‘em at birth or not.  Praise!

Butts.  Finally, here’s a tidbit from Belgium.  As we all know, there are frequently meetings of world leaders in Brussels.  These meetings would include our esteemed President.  Now comes news that a hotel in Belgium has opened which is shaped like a colon (organ, not punctuation), including a giant sphincter on one end.  The Hotel Anus.  I’m currently raising funds to offer this place as lodging for Brother Trump on his next visit abroad.  For once, he’ll be able to stay inside rather than just getting his head stuck in the door.  Glory!