Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Queen For Several Days

Another week, another live reality-style competition show at a gayborhood bar.

Not that we’re complaining!

Tonight, The Showdown returns for Round II at The Round-Up, pitting 12 contestants against each other over 12 weeks for a fierce drag competition.

Hosted by Daphne Rio, the cast also features Ross Johnston as head judge and Domita Sanchez as a fellow judge and mentor to the contestants, several of whom are novices at drag and/or competing. You can meet the entire roster of out-of-drag competitors in this Facebook Live video from last night. Only then can you truly appreciate their major transformations on display tonight.

Show up for the first show so you can pick a favorite (or several) to root for until the winner gets crowned in April.

Because everybody needs a good I-knew-her-when story in their repertoire.

The Showdown: Round II
Tuesday Nights February 5 to April 24
11:00 p.m.
The Round-Up Saloon
3912 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas