Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Time To Get Schooled

To loosely paraphrase Whitney Houston, we believe the children are the future—of drag.

If you know any LGBTQ youth aged 12-18 who might enjoy a little extracurricular outrageousness with like-minded kids, send them right to Resource Center’s University of Drag presented by Youth First.

Over the course of several free Thursday and Saturday workshops starting February 21, participants will each create a new drag persona, working with professional drag mentors to transform into the next superstar drag queen or king.

It all culminates with a public performance (a graduation ceremony of sorts) on April 27.

We would’ve killed for an opportunity like this when we were teens, so we’re thrilled to do a small part to help make a dream or two come true.

Because to accurately quote RuPaul, we’re all born naked and the rest is drag.

University of Drag
February 21 to April 13
April 27 (Showcase Performance)
Free registration youth 12-18
Resource Center
5750 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas