Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Two Dollars Makes You Holler!


When’s the last time you spent two bucks on something that made you that happy?

Doesn’t matter because we know the next time giving up a couple dollars it will make you scream with joy. Tonight, for the 30th year in a row, it’s Rent-A-Cowboy night at the Round-Up. For a crispy two bucks or eight shiny quarters you can take a gorgeous Round-Up employee, bartender, or volunteer for a twirl around the dance floor in the $2 two-step.

It’s like short-term platonic prostitution for a good cause hosted by Sassy O’Hara

All proceeds from the short-term human rentals and other fundraising efforts benefit R.E.B.A. (The Round-Up Employee Benevolent Association), so plan to dance a lot.

Or make it rain with twenties.

Terry Bucher Presents
30th Annual Rent-A-Cowboy
8:00 p.m.
$2 Dance



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