Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Tee Hee

Typically, we strive for first class. Always.

Yet sometimes, we’re painfully reminded that we are still seen by some as third-class citizens, but laughing at that—and other clichés of being flamboyantly gay— gives us power.

That’s exactly the kind of apparel you’ll find over at 3rd Class Clothing, an online retailer specializing in t-shirts with the gayest, lesbianist, transgenderist, bi-ist, and outright queerest sayings ever.

From shirts brimming with irony (as if we could ever legitimately get away with MACHO) to newer options including Soap Dropper, Friend of Dolly, and Homosexuals Are Possessed by Demons, you can take control of the narrative by owning what your differences.

And hopefully making some MAGA bitch gag.

3rd Class Clothing
T-shirts from $15 (sale) to $34

Photo by 3rd Class Clothing



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