Put Some Gay In Your Day!

The Master Of Which Craft?

Sorry, Marie Kondo. There’s only ONE home improvement diva in our book and she’s back for an absurdier-than-ever season 2.

At Home with Amy Sedaris returns to truTV for a totally off-the-rails second set of episodes pretty much guaranteed to make you pee your panties a little. Especially if you’re able to benefit from a little legal marijuana while consuming every morsel of these craveable, sweet-salty TV-show munchies.

Seriously, we think this show was made to be enjoyed while in an altered state of some sort, whether it’s weed, booze, or a quad-shot espresso.

We have almost uncontrollable moments of LOLing as soon as she appears onscreen, whether alone or accompanied by a special guest star. The first season is totally worth a binge session at some point if you missed it the first time around.

If your bladder can take it, that is.

At Home with Amy Sedaris
Season 2 premieres tonight

Photo credit: truTV



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