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Brunch Of The Week: From Cozy To Kozy

This time of year, it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Curled up in super-soft sheets and blankets, we can easily convince ourselves to hibernate all weekend.

But usually it’s hunger (or our coffee addiction) that finally motivate us to move. And with Kozy Kitchen now in our neighborhood, we really have zero reason to remain lazy when stuffed French toast and savory scrambles beckon.

Located in the former Dixie House space (which later become Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen for a hot minute), the restaurant has a fresh vibe that feels friendly and welcoming the moment you walk inside. Long before it was a major trend, Kozy offered several gluten-free options at its original McKinney Avenue location, but whether you’re seeking gluten-free or gluten-laden, the ingredients are always of the highest quality.

Prices can be high (some omelets clock in at $16.98), but you can also find bargains throughout the menu, especially due to the top-notch products use to make each as we mentioned above. And the pricier items typically offer enough food to share and still be adequately stuffed.

And speaking of stuffed, that French toast (pictured above) comes loaded with fresh bananas and berries with a yogurt cream cheese filling. Surprisingly, there’s even a gluten-free option of this bad boy.

Scrambles are gigantic, breakfast tacos come fully loaded, and the egg sandwiches definitely require two hands.

You can get these breakfast items any day of the week starting at 8:00 a.m., but we recommend waiting until later on a weekend morning so you can justify a Bloody Mary or mimosa.

Because the next best thing to being Kozy is being tipzy.

Kozy Kitchen Lakewood
6400 Gaston Avenue, Dallas

Food photo via Facebook.com/Kozydallas