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Shady Sounds

Hear ye, hear ye!

Bluetooth devices just got really, really shady—and that’s a wonderful thing.

Lucyd Eyewear recently launched a killer pair of high-tech glasses: Lucyd LOUD. These stylish frames come loaded with bone-conduction speakers that deliver great sound and the ability to take phone calls without the obstruction of traditional headphones or earbuds.

We were a little skeptical about the technology, so they shipped us a pair to test out and we’re pretty darn impressed. They’re ideal for hitting the trail, taking the dogs on a walk, or any outdoor activity where it’s important to hear the world around you in addition to the latest hit from Robyn.

You can also do cool things like answer calls, activate Siri, and jump to a different track (among many other things) directly from the frames of your glasses.

Unlike headphones, however, people near you may be able to hear a bit of the music or the person on the other end of your phone call if you have the volume cranked. So take that into consideration if, say, you work in a library. Or enjoy listening to Howard Stern while you’re in church.

But we only use them outdoors, so it’s not an issue for us in the slightest. Better still, you can get these functional accessories made with your current eye prescription, whether single vision or progressive. Plus, you can choose upgrade options including lenses that can be polarized, photochromic, silver mirror, or blue-light blocking.

Now if somebody will only invent a mouthguard that turns off our TV when we’re ready to fall asleep.

Then we’ll have everything!

Lucyd Tech Frames
From $99

Photo Credit: Lucyd