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Teens, Teens, Teens Across The Board

As far as we’re concerned, we’ll never see enough coming-of-age dramas.

The themes are so universal that we think they’re powerful in allowing us to relate to others who’ve gone through similar-yet-oh-so-different high school drama. We can only believe that LGBT issues will continue to have greater acceptance when people see a universal struggle that can easily be substituted easily with gender, race, and socioeconomic issues.

The latest, Giant Little Ones, which is great despite the fact that it’s not a Big Little Lies spin-off, debuts this Friday in New York, followed by Los Angeles and San Francisco March 8. It gets a much wider release on March 15, so keep an eye out for an amazing little film with powerhouse performances.

We’re glad we don’t have to turn 17 ever again, though, that’s for sure.

Although now that we’re adults, group showers don’t scare us nearly like they used to.

Giant Little Ones
Out Friday, March 1 (New York)
Friday, March 8 (Los Angeles, San Francisco)
Friday, March 15 (Major markets everywhere)



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