Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Booties, Legs, & Balls

Oh wait. We really need to update our vision prescription. That press release we received clearly says “Bootlegger’s Ball.”

But we still like our version for a future party if anyone wants to produce it.

Until then, put on your favorite flapper dress, gangster outfit, or Duff Beer mascot costume for this year’s Toast to Life: Bootlegger’s Ball. The 1920s-style event celebrates the not-so-secret, underground society that emerged as a result of Prohibition.

There will be plenty to drink, which is appropriate given that Toast to Life is now a legal 21 years old. During the evening hosted by Steve Kemble, enjoy an open bar, tasty bites from 14 of Dallas’ top restaurants, a silent auction, and live music from The Singapore Slingers.

As always, proceeds from each $150 ticket benefit the great programs of Resource Center.

And unlike speakeasies of the past—or your Grindr profile—no password will be required.

Purple Foundation presents Toast to Life: Bootlegger’s Ball
Saturday, March 30
7 to 11:00 p.m.
Tickets: $150
The Empire Room
1225 Riverfront Boulevard, Dallas



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