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Underwear Of The Month: Right Round, Baby

Practically everyone on earth has at least one thing on their body they’d like to improve. Except maybe Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, and Armie Hammer.

[Pardon us while we daydream about a foursome for a few moments.]

OK, we’re back. Imperfect bodies might be the problem, but Rounderbum has a solution. You may have seen this innovative apparel company on Shark Tank, but we actually got to put their products to the test.

And let’s just say the deceiving is believing.

A padded booty brings all the boys to the yard.

Rounderbum offers a full spectrum of products that ranges from trunks with padded butts to briefs with padded crotches. Each features a removable pad (or set of pads) that make your lower profile go from mere wowie to completely zowie.

What’s good for your trunk is good for your junk.

They also have technologies they call Anatomic and Lift, which each do similar things, but without padding. Instead, these lines offer enhancements in all the right places with the help of carefully placed seams and hidden bands.

With underwear in both basics and high-fashion styles, as well as whimsical day-of-the-week multipacks (as seen in the lead image), it would be hard to find a pair or 17 that don’t catch your eye.

And ultimately everyone else’s.

Styles from $20