Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Boeing, Bobby & Barbra

Back to business. I am on fire for the world this week.

Boeing. As a woman who must often travel to mission events via air travel, I have been bereft regarding the troubles with the Boeing 737 MAX jet. With Dallas being the home base of my ministry, I am at the mercy of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, both heavy users of the 737 MAX. Praise the Lord that our esteemed leader has issued a decree grounding all of these planes until safety can be assured. As my Texas senator, Brother Ted Cruz, has proclaimed to Boeing, it is time to stop these planes from flying in light of the over 300 lives lost so far. I’m currently praying for a way to convince Brother Ted that Boeing also manufactures AK-47s. Glory!

Bobby. Sweet Brother Mueller has finished his homework assignment which was to investigate possible collusion and corruption by the big DT. While little Bobby’s book report did not avail the results expected, per se, it certainly has raised questions which merit further investigation. Sister Sanders has been bemoaning the wasted cost of these investigations which have produced no discernible results. In response, rumor has it that Brother and Sister Clinton are sitting in front of their 64” Samsung eating popcorn and snickering. Let us pray.

Barbra. Megastar, Barbra Streisand, has recently checked the flavor of her bunions with a wayward comment. After viewing the painful testimony of the men who suffered alleged abuse by Michael Jackson at the Neverland Ranch Summer Camp, the liberal singer flippantly proclaimed that these men “both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.” Charming. To her credit, Babs has profoundly apologized for her words. Good for her. But, if she sets that line to music, all of Michael’s traumatized victims might sing it over her grave when she dies. Just a thought.



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