Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Good Clean Funny

True story:

While sitting in the hot tub Wednesday night, we got an alert that Scruff’s game show Hosting was about to start. We’d never played the HQ-style trivia game, so we thought, why not? We’ve got nothing to do but wait for our appendages to shrivel in the chlorinated water.

The game itself was fun, but that night’s host really caught our attention.

Sure, Zach Zimmerman is the kind of adorable gay man that we want to put on a gluten-free cracker and snack on all day. But more importantly, he’s funny. Like really funny.

And as luck would have it, his new comedy album, Clean Comedy, was coming out the next day. Amazing how lucky for him to host a gig just the day before. Serendipity!

Well, based on his hosting skills and the non-stop jokes that had us LOLing (and making accidental bubbles in the Jacuzzi), we immediately went to download his new album on release day. Spoiler alert: we loved it! With tales of Red Lobster and Olive Garden to cloning his privates, tales of butthole videos, sex with roommates (not what you think), and his evangelical upbringing, literally nothing is off limits.

Zach’s the real deal and one of the funniest people we’ve heard in a long time. He’ll be back on Scruff’s game show several times this month so make sure to watch.

Hopefully, some gay Hollywood execs will, too, because we’d love a Zach Zimmerman sitcom to happen. Or a Netflix comedy special. Hell, at the very least a loop of behind-the-scenes footage from that bathtub promo shoot and we’ll be golden.

Clean Comedy, Zach Zimmerman
Out now
$9.99 on iTunes; $9.49 on Google Play; or free with your Spotify account

Photos by Jeff Zorabedian