Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Back Seat Bliss

Some days we wonder why we even own a car. Because any time we go out on the town and drinking might be a possibility (or a definite), we take a rideshare service to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

It’s the gay Boy Scout in us.

We typically alternate between Uber and Lyft, depending on which ride is cheaper at that moment. Sometimes we get a great driver and an awesome car, but more often than not lately we’ve been in some questionable vehicles with some seriously weird drivers.

Well, there’s a new company available only in Dallas (for now) called Alto that’s seeking to elevate the rideshare experience.

And damn if we’re not hooked.

Here are some of the major differences. The drivers are all employees of the company, trained in safety and customer service, and go through some serious background checks. Alto also has its own fleet of snazzy Buick SUVs so you don’t have to worry about sitting on a bunch of child’s toys (true story). They even usually open the door for you when they pick you up if they can do so safely.

If you’re used to the budget options on the other ride apps, get ready to pay a little more for the perks, safety, and overall better Alto experience, but the price is still way less than other high-end options. For example, going from Uptown to DFW Airport with Alto would be about $57 compared to $89 for the equivalent premium option on Uber or Lyft.

Plus, you control the music, mood, and lighting as soon as you order your ride. You can even select Do Not Disturb if you’re not in the mood to chit-chat with the driver.

We haven’t enjoyed being in a back seat this much since our college days of hooking up in the InfoMart parking lot.

$12.95 monthly membership
Now serving Dallas