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Delusional Divas & Dead Monkeys

When we grow old, we want to be Norma Desmond 2.0: fabulous and living in our own special universe.

Sunset Boulevard is—and will always be—one of our favorite Hollywood movies. And as much as we adore Gloria Swanson in the title role, the Broadway musical’s headliner, Glenn Close, comes a very, very close second. (And hooray that the movie version of the musical starring Close is in the works!)

This Friday goes from Good to great as CinéWilde returns to the Texas Theatre for a screening of the classic film. As always, there will be a pre-show talk about director Billy Wilder’s impact on queer culture, as well as how the movie itself has lived on in our community for nearly 70 years.

Plus, you can enjoy specially themed cocktails at the lobby bar.

And as many closeups as you can handle.

CinéWilde presents Sunset Boulevard
Friday, April 19
8:45 p.m. (pre-show talk); 9:15 p.m. (screening)
Tickets: $10.75
The Texas Theatre
231 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas



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