Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Snuff, Sniff, Snafu

Let us turn our eyes towards Heaven as we fall on our knees about these earthly concerns.

Snuff.  I must pause to reflect on the recent news out of Paris.  At the initial signs of smoke coming from the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, I assumed they’d elected a new pope.  However, my mild disinterest in all things Catholic turned to grief and concern when it was clear there was fire engulfing this ancient edifice.  I have to admit that I have visited Notre Dame and have always been a fan of Disney’s film about the church.  (I had a hunch back when I saw it that it would always ring a bell with people, but I digress.)  Let us rejoice that the great building was not a total loss and can be rebuilt for generations of Catholics to stop for a sandwich on the way to Purgatory.  On a side note, I got to hear the massive pipe organ being played during my visit and was quick to tell many about it.  News reports are saying that, after the fire was snuffed out, the instrument has been spared from the inferno.  Let us then rejoice about this big organ which has been preserved for many to enjoy and offer their own oral testimony.  Hallelujah!

Sniff.  By the time you read this, Brother Mueller’s book report will be made public.  Allegedly, it will be a redacted version.  Brothers and Sisters, do you know what “redacted” means?  It means that certain lines will be blacked-out so that they can’t be seen.  Like someone used a magic marker to mark through sentences deemed to be unnecessary for public view.  I fully expect most pages of the redacted book report to look like the stars and stripes on a starless night.  And if we’re lucky, you can sniff the residue of the magic marker which will make you as high as the people who want you to think that there was no collusion.  And you’ll have to look THAT word up on your own.  Glory!

Snafu.  I happened to be watching MSNBC the other night in my quest to keep up with liberal drivel.  Sister Maddow was interviewing Brother Bootygag and they were sharing their coming out stories.  I was very intrigued by this and left in quite a snafu.  The fact that lesbyterian Rachel even HAD a coming out is surprising, but at least she did it in college.  But Brother Pete?  First of all, why wait so late in life for your coming out?  And secondly, when did we start having MALE debutantes?  Lord!