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Pink Traveler: The Pride Of Richfield, Minnesota

Few people make me laugh harder than Miss Richfield 1981. She’s a staple of Atlantis Events cruises, a summer fixture in Provincetown, and an international spokesqueen for travel site Orbitz.

Despite her less-than-sensible shoes, she sure gets around.

So when presented with the opportunity for a brief chat with the Legend of LOLs, I jumped at the chance. Besides, there’s already a restraining order against me by the Trivago daddy, but I think I might still have a chance for romance with her.

In the span of a quick 10 minutes, the Divine Miss R gives tips on how to best enjoy Pride celebrations in expected—and unexpected—places. She’s a gal who knows her share of ins and outs (and ins and outs, ins and outs, ins and outs.) Her side of our phone conversation was filmed for posterity, so get to clickin’.

But first, grab a bottle of Tito’s and let’s toast to being prouder than ever to be part of the LGBTQ community this year. Oh, and keep that vodka handy because every time she mentions, you’re gonna need to take a shot.

Apologies in advance for tomorrow’s hangover.

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