Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Alabama. Atlanta. Astute.

Just a few things on my heart and prayer list.

Alabama. God bless the good people of Alabama. One simply has to be in awe of a state which governs with such morality. Having now passed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the nation, any pregnant Alabama hussy can be thrown in jail for choosing to end her pregnancy for ANY reason. Imagine…..Cousin Alice gets knocked up by her granddaddy and is required to carry the baby to term so that some circus can adopt the child for its freak show. This law is going to instigate a rise in sexual encounters at family reunions, I’m sure. Praise the Lord that Alabama is passing this kind of legislation and not wasting taxpayer dollars on increasing education. Y’all can’t have any smart people down there asking if this makes any sense, now can ya? Git ‘er done.

Atlanta. Imagine participating in your college graduation ceremony. I sigh of relief for the end of your studies and hard work, but continued apprehension for your career and the need for a salary sufficient to pay off your student loans. Such anxiety. Now imagine hearing the commencement speaker tell you that he is paying off every single graduate’s student loans. Say what? So it is for the graduating class of Morehouse College in Atlanta. What a blessing which Brother Robert F. Smith has bestowed from his personal riches here on earth. It’s as if Oprah Winfrey stood up at said YOU GET A CAR, and YOU GET A CAR, and YOU GET A CAR! Now these fine students, free from the bondage of debt, are free to start their lives and maybe buy a home. Cuz now they can afford MORE HOUSE! Praise.

Astute. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The only Throne that interests me is the ToG (Throne of Grace), so I couldn’t care less about GoT. Apparently, however, viewers have been catching continuity errors in certain episodes where modern day items end up in a scene. A Starbucks cup, a plastic water bottle. Perhaps the producers were doing this intentionally for kicks. Who cares? But if you people watching so astutely to FIND these things were this intent on watching for the coming signs of the apocalypse in our government, we’d all be prepared for any upcoming Final Episode. Slay!