Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Benihana, Border & Birkin

Let us fling our prayers far and wide.

Benihana.  Our fearless leader has been on a social call in Japan.  Taking origami classes, I’m sure, so that the can sit at home and make his paper tax records into birds which will fly away.  He certainly seemed unaware of all the efforts our Japanese friends made to welcome him in royal fashion.  It was as if they had presented him with a new Toyota and he hopped in his own Lincoln.  Rude.  His profession of faith in his Korean playmate, Brother Kim, was a final slap to the Japanese Prime Minister.  As a token of my personal esteem, I’d like to take Brother Trump to the nearest Benihana and make sure he gets to sit RIGHT BY the chef.  And his knives.  Domo arigato.

Border.  News of glory!  A private foundation which has garnered funds through a GoFundMe campaign, has begun work on a stretch of border wall on private property in New Mexico.  Expectations are that a mile of wall will be built.  Such a display of might and security.  I believe I’m going to get my lawn chair and sit at either end of this mile long blockade.  And learn the Mexican word for “Peek-A-Boo” before I go.  Praise!

Birkin.  Sister MacKenzie Bezos, now ex-betrothed of Brother Jeff Bezos, has walked away from that marriage with approximately $37 billion in her Birkin bag.  I daresay she can write a check for just about anything she wants at this point.  News now comes that the Lord has led her to give 1/2 of her money to charity.  What a blessing.  The Bible tells us to give a measly 10% which would still be $3.7 billion.  (Why can’t she be a member of MY church??)  I will say this…..the Lord is smiling upon her tastefully tailored St. John suit.  To whom much is given, much is required.  And Sister Bezos is living right…….and rather large, I must say.  Hallelujah!