Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Loofah Those Low-Hangers

Whether you’re purchasing something for your father (or just your favorite Daddy), the gift of personal hygiene never goes out of style.

And we’re talking really personal.

Who among us hasn’t encountered a set of testes that tested the endurance for holding our breath? We know some guys like a musty man, but not us. We want everything below the belt to be squeaky clean and fresh as a tulip before our two lips go anywhere near that region.

Thankfully, there’s a new company that has our back regarding men’s fronts. Ballsy has a new “Keep Your Tools Clean” kit out that covers all the bases (but mostly third) to get those nasty nads under control.

Ballwash, Nut Rub, and Sack Spray work together to polish up your peen team in no time.

Start with Ballwash, which contains essential oils and plant extracts that leave things smelling clean without being flagrantly fragrant. It’s powerful yet mild enough to clean things up at the back door, too.

Then, spritz on some Sack Spray or dab on Nut Rub, either of which work to cover up unwanted scents—particularly in those emergency situations when a shower may not be available.

Trust us, your sexual partners will thank you.

And everyone in your nude yoga class, too.

Ballsy Sack Packs
Individual products from $15