Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Pridetime Television

We’ve already turned to Amazon Prime for the majority of our Pride Month purchases, from rainbow stickers to pass out to paradegoers to costumes for parties when we’re at WorldPride in New York City.

So we know that Amazon has become a one-stop shop for all things LGBTQ.

They’re also the go-to place on your television for the gayest lineup of TV shows and movies imaginable.

From free titles to rentals and purchases, you can find nearly every title you’ve ever wanted to see for the first time or re-watch for the thousandth. There are also plenty of new discoveries that you didn’t know you need to know about, but you do.

So if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, head right here to see the entire specially curated list.

Because we like to watch.

Amazon Prime Pride Watch List



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