Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Broadcast, Bradley & Bieber

Nothing but filth from the world of “entertainment” this week.

Broadcast.  Did you see the Tony Awards broadcast on Sunday?  Or as I call it, Sodom on Stage?  Good lord.  Only in NYC will they give awards for floor shows masquerading as theater.  And the wardrobe attire!  Brother Billy Porter was dressed as a woman’s reproductive system, replete with a front skirt made to look like the parting of the “red sea.”  Disgusting.  Sister Ali Stroker became the first person in a wheelchair to win a Tony, which I praise, but her dress put her bosom on such flagrant display.  She need to say no.  Lucy Liu looked like she should be sitting on a spare roll of toilet paper in Barney’s bathroom.  And Best Musical went to Hell.  All of this happened on Pentecost Sunday, so let’s just call it one bad revival!

Bradley.  In case you missed it, Brother Bradley Cooper and his betrothed, Irina Shayk, have gone their separate ways.  Be ye not grieved over any loss of love here.  Brother Cooper got his Oscar and Irina’s contract was up.  One might say that it was time for sweet Bradley to shave his beard.

Bieber.  Finally, there’s this.  Little Justin Bieber has announced that he would like to fight Tom Cruise.  Why on earth?  I’ll say this though…….based on my closely held convictions about these two souls, I daresay any such fight will denigrate into wrestling.  And oil, mud or whip cream will be involved.  Verily I say unto you, I would skip prayer meeting to view that.