Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gays Just Wanna Have Fun

Normally, the only noise we find acceptable in a movie theater is the soft crunching of popcorn. Emphasis on soft.

Don’t even get us started on people chatting during a film.

But we do have exceptions to our rules—and so does the famous-for-kicking-people-out-for-talking-theater-chain, Alamo Drafthouse. By now you’ve probably attended (or at least heard of) their fan-favorite quote-along and sing-along movie parties.

Well, in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month they’re doing a Way Gay Video Dance Party next week at two of its North Texas area locations. These things tend to sell out, so we’re giving you plenty of notice.

We attended one two or three years ago and had a gay old time singing at the top of our lungs, dancing in front of the screen, and being our loud, proud, flamboyant, queeny selves without fear of being shooshed. Or getting in trouble for wearing bras that shoot confetti. (They’ll provide lots of their own props, too.)

Featuring classic and current music videos from Britney, Gaga, Madonna, Queen, Wham!, Whitney, Taylor, Ru and many acts that require more than one name to be recognized, this is an epic night during which you’ll love every big rainbow minute.

Except maybe the very minute the lights come on and the party’s over.

Way Gay Video Dance Party
9:00 p.m.
Thursday, June 27 (Lake Highlands)
Saturday, June 29 (Denton)