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Brunch Of The Week: One To Remember

When we hear the word “Alamo,” the first thing that pops to mind is one of our favorite movie scenes of all time from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

But after a recent Saturday brunch on Lowest Greenville Avenue, we think of something new. We had so much fun at Alamo Club with the staff and fellow customers (not to mention the excellent soundtrack) that we’re adding it to our ever-growing list of Places We Brunch When We’re Not Scouting Places For Brunch Of The Week™.

If every meal could start with queso & mimosas, we’d be in heaven.

The super-focused brunch menu features a nice array of shareables, from tortilla chips and queso or potatos chips and “pink dip” (salsa and cream cheese) to fried green tomatoes and deviled eggs. We always brunch immediately after a hard workout at the gym, so we absolutely adore a place with brunch appetizers so we can get something in our bellies fast.

(Because eating napkins is considered rude.)

Of course, we also like to start with a brunch cocktail and the selection here features many boozy beverages for $5 apiece, as well as $10 blood orange mimosa carafes for the table.

Chilaquiles make carbs more fun.

Of course, the real reason most of you go to brunch is for the food you get to keep all to yourself. The variety here covers all the bases, from Tex-Mexy goodies like chilaquiles and breakfast tacos to comforting dishes including crispy chicken with fries and diner-style French toast.

Sliced into the West Philly omelet just so you can see the deliciousness within.

The biggest surprise for us came when the rather basic-looking West Philly omelet hit the table. However, once we dug into the fluffy mound of eggs slathered in béchamel sauce, we discovered a savory treasure trove of flank steak, Swiss cheese, and peppers.

It all combined to make for a brunch we won’t soon forget.

Much like that building down in San Antonio.

Alamo Club Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
1919 Greenville Avenue (Lowest Greenville), Dallas

Alamo Photo: Editorial credit:  / Shutterstock.com
All Food Photos: Steven Lindsey



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