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Underwear Of The Month: Everyone Needs A Six-Pack

What the easiest way to get a six-pack?

Order one!

Just in time for the final days of Pride Month, we present (proudly, of course) the Rounderbum Pride 6-packs. We featured the company’s shape-enhancing underwear back in March, but we couldn’t resist sharing their sexy take on the rainbow flag.

Wear a different color every day, or get five of your friends over for a really fun photo shoot.

Get all six colors of the Pride Flag in one convenient six-pack (Lift brief or Lift trunk) for $99. Most of their unpadded underwear styles run $20 to $25 apiece, so you’re getting a bargain and a better bulge all at the same time. (Winner, winner, wish we were thinner!)

Of course, they have individual pairs of Pride underwear in different styles, from super-cute rainbow jock straps to anatomic boxers in case you aren’t in the market for a six-pack.

Or you prefer the old-fashioned way with crunches.

Rounderbum Pride Collection

Photos by Rounderbum



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