Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trademarks, Tensions & Touches

I hope you’ll join me in praise for these items.

Trademarks. The Supreme Court has ruled on an interesting case. In the event that you missed this, the ruling was in favor of a clothing company called FUCT. Said company had been denied trademark because of a similar pronunciation to the past tense of another word. With the SCOTUS ruling, FUCT is still in business. It seems that the acronym stands for Friends U Can’t Trust. In light of this, I hope you’ll be looking for my new line of biblical accessories called For Universal Christian Knowledge That Redeems Unsaved Masses of People. Praise!

Tensions. We need to pray for peace with the people of Iran. There seems to be some tension between our two countries in recent days. First, with the attack on a freighter in the waters off the coast of Iran, then the shooting down of an American drone over alleged Iranian air space. This is a clear foreboding of possible war between the countries. Therefore, in an attempt to head off any aggression from our government, I suggest we fly Brother Donnie to Tehran for a relaxing cruise in the Gulf of Oman. Surely this trip would be a blast. Hallelujah!

Touches. I celebrated a birthday this month and am so grateful to so many readers who reached out to ‎me. I’m grateful that the Lord has given me another year of ministry, but even more grateful to ‎have been touched by so many people across this land. However, as a result, I need a serious scrub down with Purell. Praise!‎



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