Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hardy Har Har

Binging on The Handmaid’s Tale makes for a great evening.

But also a little mentally traumatizing.

Much like watching the news for more than five minutes a day.

That’s where mindless summer TV comes to the rescue. Even in an era of fantastic year-round television entertainment, we still enjoy a feel-good reality competition as the digital sorbet palate cleanser to our multi-course streaming feast.

Tonight, NBC takes its Last Comic Standing concept in a new direction with Bring the Funny, one hilarious showdown that welcomes not just standup comics, but also sketch comedians, and amusing variety acts.

We know we’re ready for a few good laughs. Besides, if this doesn’t do the trick, we can always look in the mirror naked for 45 minutes.

Bring the Funny
Premieres tonight