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Brunch Of The Week: Taking Eggs To New Heights

Even if you have acrophobia, there’s no reason to be scared of The Heights, a cozy little restaurant and bar tucked away in Lakewood.

You can get breakfast here every day, but we of course we’re biased toward the weekend brunch experience, which takes everything great from the regular breakfast menu and throws in a quartet of burgers to round out the offerings nicely.

We sat at the bar, which always makes for a fun start to a Sunday because you can chat with multiple bartenders and hear everything that’s happening around you. It’s like being a spy without the Madame X eye patch.

This isn’t our photo of the Lakeshore burger, unfortunately, but it’s delicious nonetheless.
Every picture we took that day came out blurry. (We blame the hangover.)

Start with a mimosa, Bloody Mary, or delightful espresso drink made with local Full City Rooster beans. Then we suggest a kolache (or a baker’s dozen) made with their jalapeño cheddar biscuit dough while you peruse the rest of the menu.

Breakfast items range from the above-mentioned biscuits served with gravy, eggs, and choice of meat to migas scrambled with chorizo. The toasted oatmeal granola pancakes with caramel apple praline syrup could easily double as a shareable dessert and we wouldn’t judge you one bit for it.

Burgers for brunch include a basic one, the Heights burger with jalapeño pimento cheese, and the perfect-for-mornings Lakeshore burger (pictured) with a slab of country ham and an over easy egg.

The vibe is chill, the staff are friendly, and the food and coffee are just what we needed for a teeny-tiny little hangover we may or may not have been nursing.

Because at The Heights, they don’t care if you’re at your lowest.

The Heights Lakewood
Weekend Brunch
Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
2015 Abrams Road, Dallas

Photo via facebook.com/heightslakewood