Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Vacation On Your Coffee Table

Summer, summer, wherefore art thou going, summer?

With prime vacation season more than halfway over, we’re starting to have FOMO about all the places we’ve didn’t have a chance to get to this year.

Fire Island has long been on our bucket list, but if our recent trip to Provincetown is any indication, we may have aged out of a good portion of the shenanigans. Thankfully, there’s a gorgeous new photography book that gives us a peek at everything that goes on in this LGBTQ Utopia.

As you’d expect, there’s a fair share of nudity (hip-hip-grind-your-hips-hooray!) in both the book and on the beaches, as well as birdseye views of beach parties, pool parties, house parties, deck parties, ferry parties—and the occasional gorgeous landscape.

From stunning drag to gender non-comformity in all its many hues, anything and everything goes on Fire Island and this book by photographer Alex Geana captures the essence of a magical paradise where we can be exactly who we want to be.

Whether it’s for an evening or the rest of our lives.

Fire Island: Photography by Alex Geana
$42.17 at amazon.com



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