Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Queer Eye For The Ugly Cry

Grab your tissues.

(We know you have some in your nightstand.)

The Fab Five return to Netflix Friday for the fourth season of the feel-goodiest reboot in the history of reboots. By now you should know the Queer Eye formula for making over deserving people and with it the buckets of tears that happen onscreen—and in your living room.

The fourth season brings in even more personal storylines for Antoni Porowski (food and wine); Tan France (fashion); Karamo Brown (culture) Bobby Berk (design); and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming).

We can’t wait to binge ’til our eyes are puffy and our cheeks hurt from smiling. Laughter through tears and all that…

Queer Eye
Season 4 Premieres Friday, July 19



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