Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Texts, Texas & Technology

There are so many shades of darkness in this world this week.

Texts.  In the dark of my bedroom, I prayed for our President last night like any good Christian would do.  In fact, I had a brief text exchange with our Lord and Savior on His holy Twitter account.  The big JC is such a card.  After discussing my concerns over Brother Trump’s latest lurch toward new heights of political perversity, Our Father tweeted “Thinking of sending him back to where he came from.  @Lucifer is pissed.  #pitsofhell.”  We just laughed and laughed.

Texas.  I’m aghast at a recent social media event planned to “storm Area 51 to see some aliens,” has garnered a million interested parties.  Area 51.  A remote location in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, where the government is said to be storing its dark secrets about aliens and UFOs.  This is just ridiculous.  Why make the effort to inundate a remote desert locale looking for aliens who probably don’t exist?  I believe that a REAL mission trip would be for those million souls to storm the Texas border with Mexico and help the real aliens who are being stored by the government there.  Let’s get serious, people.

Technology.  Finally, the denizens of modern-day Sodom, New York City, got a taste of what the darkness they live in can REALLY look like.  A full power outage in midtown last weekend plunged the notoriously garish Times Square into utter darkness.  Skits onstage at various theaters were unable perform.  Tourists were unable to charge their phones for a few hours prompting a drastic increase in human contact.  True that it wasn’t the entire city, but for a few hours, a portion of this den of iniquity and its alcohol swigging inhabitants were able to admit powerlessness.  I hate to judge, but maybe New York needs a meeting.



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