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Brunch Of The Week: We Need A HERO

Every summer, we discover a new hero to root for. Typically, it’s a person in a blockbuster movie, but not this year.

We have an entirely different HERO to worship. HERO by HG SPLY CO. to be more specific. The massive venue that shares the plaza with the American Airlines Center launched brunch at the end of June and we knew we needed to get in to try it. After all, we’re huge fans of their sister restaurant, HG SPLY CO. on Lowest Greenville.

HERO may just be the best brunch place in town for groups of friends, not just because of the restaurant’s size. Even more so because of the party atmosphere. We were greeting by a hostess who danced as she took us to our table and immediately we knew the fun was going to be front and center for Sunday Funday.

The there are the huge, shareable cocktails that range from $45 to $55 but yield plenty of servings. Choose from a Mega-Mosa, Mega-Mule, strawberry mojito, cucumber Collins, or watermelon cooler. Sip from twisty straws from the same glass or ask for a ladle for easier sharing.

Food here is equally festive and abundantly colorful.

Start healthy-ish (emphasis on the ish) with a drunken ruby red grapefruit half that’s soaked in vodka then served with a cordial shot on the side to pour inside the citrus cup for sipping.

Breakfast tacos are kick-ass, too, primarily due to the crunchy, buttery potatoes mingling with bacon, eggs, and cheddar. And the fact that the egg is more of an omelet, so it fits the tortilla shape better than plain old scrambled eggs.

The full menu can be found at the bottom of this story, so you can browse for yourself. Because if we write any more about the brunch dishes, we might have to eat our laptop.

And our plumber hates when we do that.

HERO by HG Sply Co. Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
3090 Olive Street B110, Dallas
(next to American Airlines Center)

Food and beverage photos by Kathy Tran