Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Playing Catch Up

Where do I start?  Since our last klatch, it was my turn to catch up on, shall we say, unpleasant flying experiences.  There was the three-hour delay, which I wouldn’t have minded so much if we hadn’t been sent from terminal to terminal and gate to gate (six changes in all) while the airline tried to find a plane that wasn’t broken.  

One week later, on the next leg of the tour, my flight hit some turbulence unlike any I’ve gone through before.  When the plane dropped and I flew out of my seat before the seatbelt pulled me down, I screamed like a four-year-old girl.  So did most of the other grown men on that plane.  

The day before I was to fly home, 35 people were injured on a flight to Australia due to severe turbulence.  That was not reassuring. So, after takeoff, every time we hit the slightest bump, I didn’t say the Lord’s Prayer or recite the rosary—I just ordered another vodka tonic.

Oh, and did I mention that I made my connecting flight but my luggage didn’t?  Three days in one outfit is not pretty.

But while I was gone, seemed like everyone here was having a spot of fun.  Ivanka Trump got treated like she had cooties at the G20, spawning countless memes. Trump’s Fourth of July event got rained on, which I suspect caused a number of folks to spontaneously break into a chorus of “God is Trying to Tell You Something.”  Plus even more memes when he talked of the Continental Army taking over the airports. Good times, right?

In the first round of Democratic debates, Joe Biden got bested by Kamala Harris, which seemed to catch him flatfooted.  Apparently, Team Biden thought everyone was going to play nice with the frontrunner and allow him to take credit for the good stuff from the Obama administration, plus everything positive from the Senate during his 36 years there. Given more time, I think he would have taken credit for the D-Day invasion, giving women the vote and freeing the slaves.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games.  Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for alleged sex trafficking and abusing minors.  (Isn’t “abusing minors” soft talk for raping children?) His connections with folks like Woody Allen, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz are interesting, but it’s his link to two presidents (Clinton and Trump) that may prove more problematic.

Some on the left are emphasizing the ties to Trump, while those on the right highlight the Clinton connection.  How about this? Should we even care about the politics? If any of these men are guilty of these atrocities, bring ‘em down and lay ‘em low.

One last thing, and I think we’ll be caught up.  That Trump tweet that said, in part, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”  Granted, that should be a question mark not a period, but putting that aside, did Donald Trump really compose that sentence? Did he actually go to the trouble of not ending that sentence with a preposition because he is so committed to proper English usage?  Did he use “whose,” “inept” and “badly” correctly in other parts of that tweet? We all have read numerous Trump tweets over the years, but this one seems to have been written with unusual clarity. It’s a Trumpian sentiment, but not delivered in the Trump voice.      

And as to whether or not the sentiment and the words are racist—well, only someone who doesn’t know the difference between that good vanilla from Mexico and something else “real” special would even ask.



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