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Underwear Of The Month: Socks For Your C*cks

Sometimes, it pays to get right to the point.

Whether you’re ordering your super-specific espresso drink at Starbucks or letting someone on Scruff know in the first text that you’re horny and ready to be tied up in a ballerina costume under a piñata filled with glittery lube, cutting to the chase has its merits.

Same can be said when naming a product.

Sure, there are plenty of esoteric monikers for underwear brands, but few (if any) describe their product more succinctly. With just a hint of shock value.

That’s one of the reasons we love Cocksox, even though it’s probably a brand you wouldn’t ask your mom to buy you for Christmas. (Heck, we like it even better now that we think about that visual.)

But we love a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously—except when it comes to comfort and fit.

Cocksox offers all sorts of fun designs in every underwear style you can imagine, from bikinis, briefs, and thongs to jockstraps, trunks, and longjohns. One of their newest lines, the Wild Collection (pictured above) brings safari realness wherever you want it, whether that’s the bedroom or the locker room.

Best of all, they’re having a huge sale right now, too, so you can snatch all sorts of great undies in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles on discount. Because if we’re going to get right to the point ourselves, we’re all about sexy and cheap.

Both in underwear and men.


Photos by Cocksox



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