Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Layers & Layers Of Drama

Remember when desserts were just desserts?

Sadly, as we’ve been made too well aware, they can also be catalysts in moral, religious, and political battles.

The wildly controversial (eye-roll) subject of wedding cakes becomes a central plot point in the fictional-but-easily-real tale in Uptown Players‘ next production—The Cake.

The story follows two women venturing away from New York to get married in the south where one’s family lives. When they approach an old family friend to bake the cake for their big day, her Christian beliefs give her pause.

Will she bake or won’t she?

There’s much more to this heartwarming comedy than that, of course, but you’ll want to get your tickets soon to find out if the controversy is everything is sliced up to be.

Uptown Players presents The Cake
by Bekah Brunstetter
August 9 to 25
Tickets: $35 to $50
Kalita Humphreys Theater
3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard (at Blackburn), Dallas



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