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Brunch Of The Week: Biscuit Bonanza

Everything is better on a biscuit. Not only is this the first thing you see when you visit the website for The Biscuit Bar, it’s one of the mottos we live by. Perhaps second only to “everything is better with a side of ranch.”

Fortunately, at the newly opened SMU location, you can get both.

There’s so much to love about this restaurant concept that we have to calm down for a moment to decide where to begin. Perhaps we should just make an A-S-S of ourselves and break it down that way.


When it comes to brunch in Dallas, sometimes the prices can be downright ridiculous. We don’t care how happy the chickens are or what Enya soundtrack they’re piping into their farms, we don’t want to pay $5 for an egg. (Though we have been known to spend even more than that.)

At The Biscuit Bar, you could easily grab brunch for under $20 and leave stuffed and buzzed thanks to biscuit sandwiches that start at a mere $4.20 and go up to $13.10, with most hovering around the $6.50 mark).

Brunch drinks ring up cheap, too. Four bucks gets you ice-cold Tito’s Handmade Vodka on tap, brunch punch, a mimosa, or a fro-mosa, which features rainbow sherbet floating in your glass. Or five dollars gets you a Bloody Mary or one of three craft beers on tap.

Invite friends. Order one of everything. Repeat.


“Comfort food” almost seems like an understatement when it comes to the delectable, two-handed biscuit sandwiches and the fully loaded tater tot options. We recommend bringing at least a few friends so you can order as many variations of sandwiches and fried potato nuggets as possible. You won’t regret it (though your waistline might—we gained three pounds after one brunch here!)


What wowed us as much as the delicious, massive biscuit sandwiches was the speed in which they arrived at our table. Even if you have to stand in a long (but quick) line to order, know that your wait won’t be more than a few minutes for your food. Better still, skip the line and snag a seat at the bar for continuous service from one of several friendly bartenders.

Visit once and we’re confident this will make it into your permanent list of brunch options. Visit twice and you may want to upgrade your gym membership.

The Biscuit Bar
Now open near SMU
6501 Hillcrest Avenue, Dallas