Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hanging. Hunting. Hosting.

I’m back from a week of ministry.  Time to get back to the news.

Hanging. I need to briefly comment on the jail cell death of Brother Jeffrey Epstein.  This death has spawned conspiracy theories, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Brother Oswald looked out a window.  Did he kill himself, or was it a hit job?  Was he killed and then positioned to look as if he hanged himself?  Or did he really hang himself?  And was he well hung?  Regardless, if Brother J.E. really did commit the acts of which he has been accused, I feel certain that he will be taking a place at Beelzebub’s dinner table no matter the manner of death.  I am praying for his alleged victims, as justice may never be completed for them.  However, I suggest that the $577 million dollars bequeathed by his last minute Will be apportioned to a ministry for teenage girls.  Let us pray.

Hunting.  I’d like to respond to the news that Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the country’s biggest gun retailers, has been quietly testing the water on whether to pull out entirely from what it calls the “hunt” business, including firearms.  To this news, let me simply say……I praise God for Dicks.  I know that many of you have enjoyed Dicks over the years, and now I find myself on my knees for Dicks in an attitude of thanksgiving for pulling out.  Let us all agree, Dicks just don’t need to have firearms to shoot strong.  Praise!

Hosting.  The Country Music Awards announced that they are replacing host Brad Paisley with Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.  Let us reflect.  I’m not that familiar with Brother Brad, although I think his pattern is making a comeback.  But to have Sister Dolly and Sister Reba hosting will really give this awards show a lift.  And some botox.  And a huge advancement up front.  All around, sure to be an enhanced show.  Hallelujah!



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