Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

O’Hara If You Dare-a

Our distaste for gardening is only balanced out by our love of garden parties. And one in an indoor air-conditioned space? Even better.

This Thursday, join us at a garden party-themed competition hosted by the glorious Asia O’Hara. You’ll always find a lot of talent in the Rose Room at S4, but they’re always looking for fresh talent.

And that’s exactly what will be discovered at this year’s Rising Star Pageant with presentation, gown, swimsuit and talent categories, plus a grand-finale lip-sync battle for the crown.

Join last year’s winner and this night’s star, Ruby Diamond for a late-night drag extravaganza that doesn’t require any gardening tools.

Except maybe knee pads.

The Rose Room Rising Star Pageant
Thursday, August 29
10:30 p.m.
The Rose Room at S4
3911 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas