Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blasphemy, Billionaire & Ballet.

Busy week.  Let’s get busy on our knees.

Blasphemy.  Oh, Donnie.  Where do I start this week?  Your orations continue to exalt your own ineptitude.  Now you’ve blasphemed that you are the “Chosen One” thus causing some of your followers to believe you are the “second coming of God.”  First of all, whether a spirit of facetiousness gripped you in the moment, or you were speaking your own truth, if you were actually accidentally anointed the Chosen One, there would have been such an “oops” uttered from the heavens as to deafen all mankind.  Regarding the belief that you might be the “second coming of God,” let me remind your minions that God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  He has always been, therefore need never “come again.”  THAT particular return is limited to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  A messiah on whom the Jews are still waiting.  And you’ve made it VERY clear this week how you feel about the Jews.  May I prayerfully suggest that you shut up, post-haste?

Billionaire.  I’ve had to break out the black dress for another death.  Brother David Koch, one of the two billionaire brothers who funded numerous conservative causes, succumbed to mortality.  As a Babatist, one would think that I would hold him in high esteem for his work.  And yet, no.  The Lord honors those who advance the Kingdom with meekness and loving kindness, not arrogance and money so dirty, every George Washington in his possession needed a shower.  While a cause of death has not been disclosed, Brother Koch had suffered from prostate cancer recently.  In an attitude of momentary moral superiority, let me say that I feel certain he was bestowed with a pain in his nether regions comparable only to the one that the rest of us suffered from his works.

Ballet.  Finally, one small moment on a news program can explode into a storm of biblical proportions.  Sister Lara Spencer, blond bobblehead on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, reported last week on Royal Child Heir, Prince George, and his affinity for ballet at his tender age of six.  Her deadpan comment of “we’ll see how long THAT lasts” followed by her own snickers and those of the studio audience, ignited the ire of arts patrons and male dancers from the Bolshoi to Broadway.  As you can imagine, I have my own feelings on the number of sodomites I know dancing in Broadway shows, but let me be clear…….these young men have an athleticism and strength which creates physiques that often cause me to biblically stumble in my thoughts.  Therefore, I exalt Prince George to work at it for the benefit of future royal watchers who might want to watch the future royal work it!