Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: DIY (Drag-It-Yourself)

If we were ever on death row, our last meal would be brunch. Eggs benedict, a side of crispy bacon and enough bottomless mimosas to make the electric chair fun. Hopefully, it’ll never come to that, but we like to always have a plan.

For our Brunch of the Week selection today, we’re featuring something very different—a home-cooked feast from a gorgeous book of photos and recipes compiled by Poppy Tooker with culinary photography by Sam Hanna.

Crabmeat cheesecake (not from a factory)

Featuring glorious photos of 15 spectacular queens and recipes aplenty from some of New Orleans’ most iconic restaurants, you can create your own brunch at home that will truly wow.

Strawberry sparklers for everyone!

With 60 recipes for sweet and savory dishes, as well as boozy libations, you’ll easily find plenty to please a crowd of picky friends and family. We encourage you to go full-out with the theme and dress in drag, too, because stray wig hairs add some much-needed fiber to any dish!

A portion of proceeds from each book sale will be donated to CrescentCare, a New Orleans-based LGBTQ non-profit organization. So head to Amazon, the publisher’s main site, or any favorite place where books are sold and snatch a copy today.

The next brunch you host at home will be guaranteed fun, festive and fabulous—and hopefully just a pinch scandalous.

Drag Queen Brunch, $29.99
by Poppy Tooker & Sam Hanna
Out Now

Photos by Sam Hanna