Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Horsemen. Harper. Hurricane.

So many reasons to kneel at the throne of grace.

Horsemen.  The Lord moves in mysterious ways.  Precious little Justin Bieber has the voice of the Lord calling him to ministry.  Just last week, Brother Bieber led the sermon for the Wednesday prayer meeting service at Churchome in Beverly Hills.  (Clearly one of those non-denominational congregations that can’t commit to any religion, but I digress.)  He shared his personal testimony regarding “current struggles and how his faith in God is the only thing that has gotten him through hard times.”  The service was such a blessing that it was covered by the good Christians at Fox News.  Let me repeat…..Justin Bieber is preaching.  In prayerful response, I am investing in hay and feed for the impending arrival of Four Horsemen.  Hallelujah!

Harper.  Bereavement has called on us once again with the passing of Sister Valerie Harper.  No other actress embodied the spirit of the second fiddle underdog like she did.  Such an inspiring performance for this Catholic girl to portray Rhoda Morgenstern, a struggling Jewess in Minnesota and New York.  From all accounts, this mega star shunned any pretense of Hollywood and was genuine and loving to her core, in spite of playing known drunk lesbyterian, Tallulah Bankhead, in numerous performances onstage.  Godspeed, Sister Harper.  And it is my prayer that you were warmly welcomed to the Pearly Gates by St. Peter’s doorman, Carlton.  Amen.

Hurricane.  Let us finally bow our heads in prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Dorian.  The people in the foreign mission field of the Bahamas have endured the Big HD sitting on them for days.  As it will surely move toward these United States, let us pray for those in its path.  Pray for our leader’s secret service team as they prepare to wait out the storm in Palm Beach by showing “Gone With The Wind” at Mar-A-Lago.  And pray for our spiritual leaders as they made the decision on where to lay divine cause for Dorian’s destruction.  History predicts that the gays will be blamed for this barometric blow job.  Fall on your knees, Christians!