Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Style By The Tile

Got a blank space, baby?

Never fear, Mixtiles can turn an empty wall into a gallery-worthy photo exhibition.

We’d been seeing ads for the photo tile app on our Instagram feed for weeks, but never clicked for more information until we had an awkward, asymmetrical space to fill with art.

Mixtiles seemed like the perfect solution at the time—and it was. We needed 15 photos to fill the space properly and were thrilled when we discovered our price was a mere $157 including shipping.

The process is so easy, too. You can upload to the app from your phone or log in to the website to drag photos over from your computer. Choose from a variety of frame options and you’re done.

Our order took a little longer than promised, but we received excellent customer service throughout the process. Of course, all that really matters, in the end, is the quality of the photographs.

The images arrived crisp, clear and in vivid color, but we were most shocked by how super-lightweight each framed image is. And as promised in the promotional videos, Mixtiles can be moved easily from place to place without worrying about nail holes ruining your walls.

Or using a hammer giving you blisters.

$49 (first three tiles)
$9 each additional tile