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Brunch Of The Week: Peace Out, Summer

Not sure why we’re so obsessed with summer ending this weekend. Probably because we’ve had such a good time the past few months and much like a kid on break from school, we don’t want it to end.

So we plan to brunch, day drink and otherwise celebrate the season’s finale both Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the same mindset, might we suggest a nooner at Del Frisco’s Grille? The ever-evolving brunch menu features some great new hits alongside all-time classics and the best part—there’s likely a neighborhood location near you.

Get the party started with a carafe of white sangria and a smoked salmon tower (a DIY version of lox and bagels that’s enough for the entire table to share). After all, we think brunch is so much more fun when we order a bunch of stuff to pass around the table.

Here’s your croque, madames.
Photo by Steven Lindsey

As for mains, we tried nearly every dish among the four of us who visited the Uptown location a few weeks ago. The Croque Madame might be the best version of the French favorite in the entire state of Texas, but it’s definitely too rich for one person alone. Just look at all that sauce and melty Gruyère cheese.

“Del”-lightful choices: red velvet waffles, eggs in purgatory and braised short rib hash

Other favorites of ours include the trio of morning delights pictured above with the eggs in purgatory being a true crowd-pleaser. Not only do you get a trio of poached eggs floating atop a pool of roasted tomato pepper sauce, you get a side of flatbread topped with smashed avocado. It’s like getting avocado toast for free!

We love a brunch dessert as much as a brunch appetizer and this cinnamon roll rocks!

To cap things off (along with a brief tour of the cocktail menu), we opted to get Nonna’s pan cinnamon rolls off the starter menu because we’d rather end brunch with something sweet than the other way around. Ooey-gooey and loaded with toasted pecans, the dish yielded enough for leftovers, which we enjoyed for days.

Of course, the autumn days ahead will start getting shorter and shorter, so definitely plan to grab a seat on the patio this weekend and soak up the sun while you can.

Eat as much as you possibly can, too, because sweater weather hides all our sins. Well, most of them.

Del Frisco’s Grille Brunch
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