Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nice & Tight

For the past four days, our inner thighs and hips have been so sore we can hardly move. Let alone get our legs behind our head.

All because of 45 minutes that rocked our world.

As a result, our bodies are making sure we’re aware of every single muscle we don’t use often enough—all because of a fun-but-tough workout at TIGHT. The fitness studio instructors teach the Lagree method on M3X Megaformers with a welcoming atmosphere, an energizing soundtrack and hands-on instruction.

If you were to walk by and look in the second-story window (which would require stilts or a really powerful pogo stick), what you’d witness wouldn’t look like a tough workout at all. With slow, controlled movements it looks like a simple bit of exercise similar to what our mom does at her retirement community.

But don’t be fooled. This workout is a good one and only makes you stronger session after session. We went in as complete novices and worked out alongside experts and never once felt intimidated.

Best of all, if this Pilates-based class sounds intriguing to you, there’s a September special. Purchase four classes for only $70 (a single class is normally $35). Of course, should you love it as much as we did, you save a lot of money the bigger the package.

And who among us doesn’t love a big package?

September Special: $70 (4 classes)
Single classes $22.50 to $35 (depending on quantity)
6401 Hillcrest Avenue (2nd floor), Dallas

Tight studio image by Beau Bumpas