Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Peach, Pay & Purse

The glories of current events are prevailing upon us.

Peach.  I try not to pay too much attention to Sister Nancy Pelosi since she is such a liberal, but I hear she’s doing something worth noting.  It always takes a woman’s touch to bring taste and décor to any surrounding.  Now, in the biggest act of structural beautification since Jackie Kennedy hit the Lincoln Bedroom, Sister Pelosi has begun the process of redecorating the White House in peach.  I’m not terribly fond of that seemingly dated color, but pastels are so soothing.  This is such big news, all outlets are reporting of this “in peach” process.  What a glorious thing to bring attention to beauty.  Amen?

Pay.  I think football is such an overrated sport, and it’s just so violent.  However, it does seem to be some sort of American pastime and so very integral to not just professionals, but to college life as well.  I, as a graduate of Baylor University aka Jerusalem on the Brazos, am quite familiar with the power of football AND its pitfalls.  Now comes news that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed legislation allowing college athletes to hire agents and to be paid for endorsements and the use of their images.  Listen, I was an excellent college student and was the picture of holiness throughout my years.  Where’s MY paid endorsement?  But I digress.  Isn’t it just marvelous that schools will now have even more great football players?  And now, they won’t even have to be smart or make good grades.  There’s money for that instead.  Play ball!

Purse.  Speaking of sports, the world continues to reveal surprises.  Everlast, apparently some kind of sports apparel company, has engaged a new boxer as its advertising face.  Not terribly unusual, I guess.  However, this particular boxer is transgender.  (Breathe, Helen.)  Now, I’ve seen the photo of this particular boxer and was duly impressed.  Whether Everlast chooses to point the boxer’s gender issue remains to be seen.  Regardless, I know enough about boxing to know the prizes awarded, so I had to wonder to myself.  Upon winning, will he be awarded the Purse or the Belt?  Let us pray.