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Brunch Of The Week: Porch Sittin’

The weather’s going to be gorgeous this weekend. So the best way to spend part of the day is on the patio at The Porch.

In September they launched a new brunch menu so we naturally had to go in and check it out. While you’re perusing the menu for yourself, sip on a $5 cocktail from a list that includes mimosas, Marys, mules and micheladas. (Our four favorite M words!)

You won’t need long to browse the brunch menu because it’s short and focused, something we actually really appreciate. Some menus have too many choices and our poor little brain can’t settle on a craving.

Eggs all dressed in red: Chilaquiles rojos.

On our visit this past Saturday, we sampled nearly everything on the six-item brunch menu (plus an off-menu special of brisket and egg tacos) after starting with some pimento cheese spread and hot spinach-parmesan dip from the all-day appetizers list. We threw in an order of jalapeño cornbread with honey butter (on the side) for good measure.

We started with avocado toast topped with smoked salmon and an order of the chilaquiles rojos, a gorgeous stack of tortillas and smoked short ribs topped with eggs and served with rice, beans and sliced avocado. This earthy red sauce is insanely good.

Some like it spicy: hot chicken and biscuits

The hot chicken and biscuits made for a nice alternative to the ubiquitous chicken and waffles on brunch menus. As promised, they had a nice amount of heat that balanced well with the creamy gravy. And those biscuits are pretty killer, too.

We ended things with a nice mound of banana bread french toast, one of our favorite versions of the sweet treat because it has such a nice amount of texture compared to french toast made with regular bread.

By the time we left, our entire group agreed that The Porch needs to be back in our regular rotation of go-to spots for brunch. Especially while we can take advantage of the great outdoors.

Brunch at The Porch
Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Sundays 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  
2912 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas

Food photos by Steven Lindsey



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